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Investment Tools

Our range of Tools and Calculators have been designed to help you understand what investments may best suit you, how to find them and what you save by investing online by paying
0% initial charge to SFS Invest Direct.

Plus, if there is any investment terminology that you don’t understand, we’ve put together a jargon buster to help you out.

Fund Research Tool

Our Fund Research Tool will help you search over 1,700 funds from over 70 different providers. Any investment made online will benefit from
0% initial charge to SFS Invest Direct.

Annual Income Calculator

Compare the dramatic effects of the rate cuts on your deposit income compared to what it was when the bank base rate was much higher with this calculator.

Annual Income Calculator

Don’t know the difference between an AMC and CGT? Confused about the base rate or just want to learn something new? We’ve compiled a financial jargon buster to help you out.